The Top Ten Guidelines for Dog Training in Gold Coast

Dog training is an essential part of being a great dog owner, that is the truth. Dog training in Gold Coast is not all about teaching your dog a couple of neat tricks and have him entertain you and also the family. It is all about teaching him that there are guidelines in any given situation and he must be able to act appropriately. Here are the top ten guidelines for dog owners who wants to train their pets.

1. When coaching your dog, you need to be absolutely firm. Dogs have the tendency to count themselves as part of the pack so you have to establish that you are the boss of the pack. So speak out your commands with power.

2. When teaching your dog with commands, begin with the fundamental ones like sit, stay, come and down. If you teach them with something more complex, their motivation will drop.

3. Steer clear of using negative reinforcement in your dog training. So this means that you should stay away from shouting, yelling, hitting or anything that could potentially scare or hurt your dog. As an alternative, develop a "no reward" punishment system.

4. To achieve maximum motivation, use a reward that is a big favorite of your dog. Dogs tend to be more obedient when the reward you are providing is food.

5. The most effective time to train your dog is during the height of their motivation. What does this suggest? As an example if you are giving him food incentives, the most effective time to train would be right before his meal.

6. Timing is essential if you are planning to adopt a reward system. Provide him his reward no later than half a second if he gives a proper response to a command.

7. Try not to go overboard when it comes to your dog's reward. The rewards must be consistent for just about every correct response given. It is recommended that you give him a tiny treat or praise for every proper response.

8. When giving out commands, make certain you keep it brief. Do not ever repeat your commands. Dog training in Gold Coast is all about turning your words into absolute commands, instead of suggestions.

9. End each training time on a positive note. Always compliment your dog about his excellent job when ending the session, it should keep him encouraged for the next one.

10. Each training time is meant to be a pleasant activity for both you and your pet, and is not intended to be a chore. In case you are not in any shape for a session, don't hesitate to postpone it.

Just remember that dog training in Adelaide doesn't generate results overnight. It requires that you've got determination as well as patience. Just keep in mind the rules that were provided for you above and your dog will surely become an obedient family member soon.

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